Crop insurance for smallholder farmers

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WorldCover provides crop insurance to smallholder farmers around the world. For 500 million people around the world, drought is their #1 problem. Our customers get simple and affordable insurance policies that pay them when the rain doesn't come. They enjoy instant claims and tips for farming.

WorldCover uses remote sensing, sophisticated risk modeling, and a modern technology platform to keep costs low and enable massive scale. We are a for-profit Public Benefit Corporation headquartered in New York City. Our vision is to help families and small businesses manage risk from natural disasters so they can invest profitably and build a better future. We are present in several markets in West and East Africa with plans to expand globally.

WorldCover is featured by the Catalyst Fund (sponsored by Gates Foundation and JP Morgan). View the interview with our CEO followed by scenes from our customers and team in the field at 1:21


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Chris Sheehan
Chris Sheehan
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